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European lockpick shop

Are you looking for a lockpick shop in Europe? We ship our lock pick kits across European countries that allow lockpicking. Our Lockpick online store and shop has been selling specialised professional lock and lock picking equipment and component for more than 10 years.

Our lockpicks can be shipped across the following countries in Europe:

Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, ,Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Andorra, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland. Please view the following page for the shipping costs for lockpicking tools in EU.

In our collection of lock pick kits you will find a complete range of the following categories:

Buying a lockpick set in Europe

The coronavirus had a magnificent impact on what our parents always told us. Come prepared at all time. You will never know when a lock can turn in to a serious disaster (might even turn in to a pandamical issue!). If you have not picked the most essential locksmith tools to help or prepare you, who might know what disaster may strike you.

It is always better to carry instead of needing and not having a good set of hooks, rakes and diamonds. You will find a wide range of lock pick kits in our collection of pick sets to come prepared.

A selection of premium quality picks can be shipped to almost any EU country. Sparrows Lockpicks, SouthOrd, Peterson Lock Picks, HPC, Brockhage, GoSo, Lishi, and other popular brands can be ordered online. These sets can be easily sorted with the filters on our lockpick set category page.

Single picks

Design your own lockpick set to suit your own personal taste with the Do-It-Yourself options from LockpickWebwinkel. By putting together your own lockpick set you are certain to get exactly what you need for opening your lock.

This allows you to put together the most efficient and compact lockpick tool-kit for your own personal taste. With the choice of our wide selection of single lockpicks, including SouthOrd’s European Slimline lockpicks and many different Sparrows lockpicks, even Petersons Government Steel Picks, you can create a customised set for your budget!

Lock pick guns

Pick guns revolutionized the lockpicking world. After inserting the steel rod at the front end of the lockpick gun into the lock, underneath the lock pins, then you can gently pull the trigger. The rod will bump into the pins which will give a small chance of unlocking the lock, if you apply proper tension.

We have the most popular and reliable lock pick guns with many designs in our collection. For Manual pick guns It is difficult to compete against electric lock-killing machines. You will need at least one snap gun in your armoury, if not more. Take a look at our majestic collection.

Practice locks

If you are looking to purchase a lock, you are at the right place at LockpickWebwinkel. Our online collection contains a wide variety of locks to practice your picking skills on.

We supply locks of the most popular brands like ABUS, Sparrows and SouthOrd. Our assortment includes metal and transparent acryl locks. Padlocks, Cylinder locks, Dimple locks, Wafer locks, Pin Tumbler Locks, you name it and we deliver.

Even if you would like to upgrade or repair your lock, we can give you the right tool for the job. If you know what you want, you can take a look at our online collection and use the filters to take a clear view on our practice locks.

Tension Wrenches

Manipulating a lock will not require a wide variety of picking tools. not nearly as much as you will need good turning tools. This is why our collection of tension wrenches contains such an expansive range of tools.

The torque wrenches come in different sizes widths and shapes. Some locks will require Top Of Keyway (TOK) tension, but other will need Bottom Of Keyway (BOK) tension. You can even find special tension wrenches for beginners or tension wrenches made for wafer locks.

If you are looking for the best way to upgrade your lockpicking set, than look no further. Expand your kit with one of our tension wrenches of your favourite brand!

Bypass Tools

Once you are done with picking locks or if you are looking for a fast way to open all those F’ing locks, than get ready. Bypass tools are really nice to have around for everyone that is into opening locks.

Our collection of special tools contains a whole bunch of nice quick attack tools. If you are looking for a way to decode a lock, you will obviously need a decoder. Knives are useful to stab your lock, believe me, eventually they will open.

If you are looking for a bypass tool for Masterlocks, you will need a comb pick. Even ABUS locks are vulnerable for certain drivers. Take a look at our assortment of Bypass Tools and let us know what you need!

Door Shims

Ever wondered what tool you need if you are looking for a career as locksmith? That’s right, a long piece of plastic. Our shims come in different kind of thicknesses and sizes. You can even fit on in your wallet and you will not regret this decision if you ever forget your key.

A door shim will allow you to manipulate the latch on the inside of the door. This way you can open the door if it has not been closed with the key. Visit our collection of door shims, we will ship these bad boys all across Europe!

Bump Keys

There are still a lot of locks vulnerable for the bumping technique. In order to open a lock with these keys, you will also need a hammer. A great addition to your bump key and hammer are small rubber rings (which are also included in our collection of bump keys). With these tools you are essentially bypassing your lock by lifting all the pins over the shearline.

Our bump keys currently contain the keys from Sparrows. If you are curious to this bypass technique, please take a look at our sale of bump keys.

Car Lock Picks

Losing your key never was part of anybody’s bucket list These things happen and you do not want to smash your car window or to remove the door.  Famous for their car picks, Lishi is of course part of our collection of car lock picks.

A lot of EU cars, like VAG locks, are easy to unlock by using Lishi, furthermore, you will simultaneously decode the lock to create a new key. For this reason, car mechanics might find a good use for these car manipulating hooks. Take a look around at our lock picks made for vehicle locks and let us know where you would like us to ship your online purchase to!

(English) Lock Picking Books

Not everyone is as naturally gifted as MacGyver, when it comes to finding out what some tools can be used for. If you want to learn more about being a locksmith or if you are curious about physical security, than you have come to the right place.

A hands-on quality lock manual will teach you as much as you need to know about the locks that are now in use and have be used in the past. Whether you have a full library of lock picking books, or you are looking to buy your first locksmith guide, it is never too late to lecture yourself with some written words from one of our physical books in the online lock picking library.


There are many options available for accessories on you locksport kit. Some of these are lockpicking mats, vices, key extractors, pinning tweezers, storing cases, supporting elements, and lock parts. These lock picking additions will work great when opening a lock at home or in the field.

A great extra is a lock picking vice, like the Panavise 350 that BosnianBill uses. If you want to disassemble a lock, you might need a pinning mat and a pair of pinning tweezers. A Reload kit might come in handy when you want to repin your lock. Locks come in various sorts and sizes and will need all different kinds of pins.

So, a pin kit containing all the various pins needed for your Schlage lock can be a must when making a challenge lock for the lock picking community. If you are considering building your own pick set, a lock pick case is the ideal choice.

Take a look at our page full of lock picking accessory and find out which tools will aid you in your locksport challenges.

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