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C’est un couteau de poche ? C’est un crochet de serrurier ? Non ! C’est un couteau de poche à cran d’arrêt.

Cet outil de lockpick change instantanément votre statut, où que vous soyez, en superhero.

“J’ai acheté ceci pour mon ami Clark et je ne pouvais pas le croire. C’est vraiment vrai ce qu’ils ont dit !
Le shine, le style, la fame, le couteau de poche lockpick porte tout cela. Avec cet objet, aucun verrou ne peut vous arrêter, et mieux encore, vous pouvez y enfiler un fin collier pour montrer à tous ce dont vous êtes capable.

Le couteau de poche lockpick est sans aucun doute le plus impressionnant des lockpicks que vous pouvez posséder. Le design est élégant, l’œil, léger et il porte le plus efficace lockpicks une clé à tesion. C’est un package complet pour pouvoir crocheter des serrures partout et à tout moment.

“Il était toujours assis seul et je ne savais pas qui il était, mais depuis qu’il y a un verrou sur le réfrigérateur, il est devenu l’un de mes meilleurs amis.””

Achetez un couteau de poche lockpick et découvrez comment vous pouvez devenir le héros de la cantine, tout comme Johan.

Ce couteau de poche n’est pas seulement quelque chose que vous voulez avoir, non, vous doit l’avoir !

Devenez un héros du lockpick et recevez :

  • Hook Pick
  • .

  • Un demi-diamant
  • Snake Rake
  • City Rake
  • Un crochet hybride
  • Une Clé de tension

Et tout cela dans un petit format de couteau de poche qui a été assemblé avec précision. Sortez le couteau de poche, sortez la clé de tension et un crochet de verrouillage de votre choix, serrez-le avec la vis en bas et ouvrez n’importe quelle serrure, n’importe où.”

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37 beoordelingen voor Lock Pick pocket knife

  1. Mark V.

  2. Calvin M.

  3. A. Brouwer

    Fine quality.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  4. Neushaar

    If they made it without the shaky lockpicks, it would be a great tool. If you need picks—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  5. Hr P

    Great lockpicks!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  6. Pizza

    Everything is great!
    —Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  7. Neushaar

    I found the lack of a short hook and the loose hooks during picking to be a setback.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  8. .

    I can’t say often enough how sharp the edges are. After a while the edges really start to cut into your fingers, I had a lot of blisters on my hands after two days of playtime with my padlock. It might be a good idea to polish the picks a bit. There is also little feedback, especially when the lockpicks start to get a little loose. Nice picks, but need some work—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  9. Lockpick Guy

    I don’t know if it’s the normal way (or if there is a normal way at all), but I did get normal feedback with these lockpicks by placing a relatively large amount of tension. With this I tried to find the binding pin in the lock. With the hook pick on the pin (and still quite a lot of tension to prevent an overset), I put more and more pressure on the hook pick while releasing the tension a bit with the tension wrench (not too much, but enough). This way, in my opinion, you get a good “click” when you place the pin. With slack tension, you barely hear this and so feedback is nil.
    —Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  10. Jammer

    I thought this would be similar to the lockpick pen system, but so not. The lockpicks are held in place with a screw that does not hold them in place.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  11. *****

    I already have a few lockpick sets, but this little gem may be the prettiest. It is easy to use and you easily carry it with you in case of emergency. The quality is good, sturdy and flexible. You really only expect this from the more expensive sets.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  12. Charlie Veenstra

    This has to be one of the most elaborate lock pick sets ever. A great pocket knife design. Very handy. All lock picks are neatly stored in the pocket knife. There a special way to remove the tension hook from the pocket knife, so be careful with it. Enjoy it just like I do.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  13. M. Jean

    I have done some practice and have now opened 6 locks with this tool.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  14. Vrouw P

    The set was perfect for me as a beginner and I was able to open a simple padlock and bike lock with it.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  15. JeanP

    I would definitely have bought from you again if shipping to Belgium was a little cheaper.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  16. Jerry

    The design of the handle, the integrated tension wrench and the pick profiles are great. BUT the lockpicks themselves are pressed from metal and need a lot of work to be polished. They also all seem to be very deep/long hooks, but this too can be remedied. You, on the other hand, need to know that this needs to be done. It is still a good product at a normal price though. Lockpick web store was once again great with fast shipping!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  17. Millivanilli

    From the moment I received it I used it right away because I lost the key for my shed. Great product of good quality. Convenient and compact.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  18. Jackell

    This is my second purchase from Lockpickwebstore, the first was a gift (a beginner set and two practice locks). It gave hours of pleasure. I bought this set mainly for the drawers of my “new” desk in the office: with this, it can finally stay open. Many thanks!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  19. MVR PP

    Fine feel, just a little different from normal lockpicks.
    —Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  20. Lockpicks te los

    This is an interesting product. The concept is good, but the screw secures the lockpicks far too loosely so the lockpick you use moves back and forth far too much and the others fall out of the pocket knife.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  21. Geweldig

    This is a great set for what it costs. Very good quality—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  22. Beveiliging BBVA

    This is a good tool to have in your pocket and Lockpickwebstore ships it very quickly—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  23. Johnny newman

    It is very good and great quality—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  24. Know me

    This is a great little set and you can carry it with you in your pocket!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  25. Mister X

    I have only used the set once and it only took 30 seconds instead of the average 5 to 10 minutes 😛 super!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  26. Lekkere lockpick set

    The product is of good quality, compact and convenient for picking.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  27. Koen

    Handy item.
    Fast delivery.
    As a syndicate, it saved me an expensive locksmith.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  28. Naomi

    If there is a lockpick unfolded it would be better if it were a little tighter. It wobbles a little bit. The lockpicks are thin and work well—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  29. Holle Bolle Gijs

    You get a lot of feedback from the lockpicks and it’s nicely built. The tension wrench is extremely tight on me though and was therefore very difficult to get out. It just made my fingers hurt at one point – I had to watch YouTube to see how to get it out. Finally decided to send it back after a week.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  30. Mario

    Good product, small, and fine to use. Came in very quickly—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  31. Vijf sterren

    I own a number of lockpick sets, but this is perhaps the one I use the most. It works very nicely and you can easily take it with you, so I always have it with me in case of an emergency. It has the quality and sturdiness you expect from expensive sets.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  32. Dimitros

    Very convenient!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  33. Rob Samson

    I must confess that this tool exceeded expectations for its price. Of course, much more expensive items are of better quality, but this “pocket knife” has a good quality/price ratio. You have six lockpicks to choose from and they are quite sturdy. I myself broke the city rake in a slot, but I think it was because I was too strong. I think any lock-picker can break a good lockpick into a lock. Some reviews say that the screw on top can’t hold the lockpicks during use and this is true. The screw may come loose in your pocket if you are not careful enough to tighten it properly. But overall, these are minor points. It is a good tool with thin lockpicks for those narrow keyholes. Convenient to carry in your pocket and paid for itself when a friend locked himself out and I had it in my pocket. 20 seconds and he was back in his house. That’s a service you won’t find for a few tens.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  34. Ferry

    Easy to carry. I myself am an electrician and I often pass cabinets with a lock on them. With this pocket knife I have already managed to open a few locks. Some locks I can’t get open with it. I don’t know if it’s because of the lockpicks or my inexperience. I may have to look for a new tensioner.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  35. DarkWoodPicks

    In my opinion, this is the most convenient lock pick set ever. Very small, easy to carry, nice pocket knife design. All the lock picks are nicely tucked away in the handle. You have to put the tension tool in and out in a special way, so be careful with it. I am very happy with the pocket knife and even help make a little video of it on YouTube :)—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  36. Vlad

    Pretty good for the price.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  37. Reimert

    Very cool piece of engineering, delivery was fast but the different shapes still want to come loose. 4 stars!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

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