Goso 18 Pieces


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“Il s’agit d’un set complet Goso de 18 pièces avec une large collection d’outils de lockpick. Il porte la qualité que nous défendons dans notre magasin. Les piolets sont durables, ergonomiques et sont également très efficaces.

Les lockpicks sont livrés dans une pochette de rangement en cuir. C’est un set de lockpick de la catégorie moyenne et un bon complément à la collection d’un amateur ou d’un lockpicker plus avancé.

Le set contient :

  • 16 pics de serrure pour toutes les serrures (cadenas, serrures à cylindre, cadenas, serrures de voiture)
  • .

  • 2 outils de tension
  • 1 chemise en cuir

Pourquoi acheter ce jeu de crochets de serrurier chez Lockpickwebwinkel ? Nous sommes très appréciés par nos clients à travers diverses plateformes d’évaluation, car nous offrons un excellent service avant et après votre achat.

Vous pouvez également venir chez nous pour obtenir des serrures d’exercice, afin d’apprendre le lockpicking chez vous, sur le canapé.”

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5 beoordelingen voor Goso 18 Pieces

  1. Levien

    A fun set, with mostly rakes.

    The picks are of reasonably resilient steel, and are neither too thick nor too thin.

    The factory finish is a bit rough and sharp. Furthermore, all the picks and wrenches are chrome plated, which is not the same as polished, you definitely need to touch up the picks.

    The selection of picks and rakes is well balanced, allowing you to hit all kinds of locks quickly, but if you encounter some more difficult bittings there are also picks to tackle them.

    As mentioned earlier, the tension wrenches are not really useful, but even if you keep them in the set there is still enough room left to add a few homemade wrenches without it getting in the way.

    The set in its holdall takes up about 7x16x1.5cm, so it will fit in any jacket or pants somewhere.

    If you don’t feel like paying Southord, Brockhage or Peterson prices this set is great, you just have to touch them up yourself with a sandpaper.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  2. Annemiek

    Nice basic set for a low price, and fast delivery! 🙂 top! x—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  3. Whalid

    I bought this set there are 16 stainless steel picks in it and the other are tension wrench, which are not as good—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  4. Ironm

    The set is nice and extensive, ideal for feeling how everything works and what you like to use the most—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  5. Dicki

    basic set with good basic lockpicks but the tension wrenches are a bit less. especially 1 of the 3 and but there is one in there that is really very good. therefore still 4 stars—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

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