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15 beoordelingen voor KLOM-10

  1. Thom

  2. Michael

  3. Alwin

    Nice set for SPP (Single Pin Picking). Have been working on it for a while now and have not been disappointed so far. Very good quality, nice thickness (0.6mm) and good grip. Delivery was fast as always and the personal ‘welcome back’ letter from Koen Duindam was definitely appreciated. Thanks!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  4. Steve

    Good price. I enjoyed it a lot.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  5. Joe F

    Good!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  6. Hendriksen

    Small set but for this price more than I expected. Delivery was fast and neatly packaged.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  7. Sjoerd Hoekstra

    Nice set to start with however the supplied tension wrench only fits in wide locks…that’s a setback. Delivery was as the website promised a day later in the house.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)


    These last a very long time and are perhaps better than the more expensive sets I have bought. They are bound to break, but that happens to the more expensive sets I have as well.
    They are cheaper to replace and that is very important. They are not very nicely finished, but that is not really a hindrance in use. I will be purchasing a more expensive set from Goso to have more choice of lockpicks, but this is a good set to start with.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  9. Elliot Preston

    Fine lockpicks for a low price hear. Feel free to buy—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  10. B. Hoogwerker

    Kind of surprised by this small set with high percentage of usable lockpicks. Recommended for beginners and experts.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  11. Goed

    Fantastic set. Some lockpicks were slightly bent, but that was easy to put back.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  12. Anoniem

    one of the brackets is broken off. Expected more from such an expensive set—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  13. Sheeren D

    My son is very happy with this purchase—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  14. van Nijnatten

    Good first set to explore with but if you’re a bit of a fanatic, you’ll soon run out of them.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  15. Peter van der Loo

    On advice, I purchased this “Klom 10 piece set”. I had ordered the set in the evening and on the second day after my order I had it in the house. The material of the lockpicks looks good, but very thin and fragile. It’s a hobby that you have to be very careful about. Long story short: nice set for beginners and delivery speed is good, 4 stars.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

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