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12 beoordelingen voor Lock Pick Pass

  1. Anoniem

    Could be thinner otherwise fine—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  2. Casablanca

    Great set,received from Wim Vos. Picked open my first lock with tension wrench and diamond pick. Was amazed at how nice it felt,no pain or cuts in my fingers at all. I take with me everywhere. Fun for parties.???—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  3. BigBlackPick

    Ordered yesterday, received today. Nice little set where you can feel everything well!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  4. John Meikamp

    I like the idea, but the set won’t fit in the case of my phone.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  5. Siem

    Good set, small size—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  6. Wilco

    I received this set yesterday for my birthday from my mother
    Have been picking for a while and found this helpful to contribute
    After a bit of fiddling I’ve been able to open about 6 padlocks with it
    They are a bit sharp but after 1 layer of plumber’s tape no more problems.

    Recommended for the traveling picker
    not recommended for a beginner because it is a bit more difficult than, say, a GoSo set.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  7. Pim

    It is a very small set which certainly makes it difficult for people with larger hands. Personally, I also find that the edges are very sharp (cut my finger with it). Got my first lock open with it but still think I’ll order another set to continue practicing with.

    Fast delivery!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  8. Malzwin

    Very cool set, I already have the C2010 but I just want to leave this one at home. This jamess bond set I can just take with me without fear of breakage or anything.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  9. Peter-Jan

    Nice set and convenient to carry in the wallet. Shipping was fast and well communicated I neatly received the trace code within minutes of ordering—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  10. Oerle

    Great set to learn it with, even though you will soon want more if you are enthusiastic. But still deserves 5 stars because the lockpicks are always good to use—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  11. Verschuuren

    My fingers are getting sore from this set. The lockpicks are too small for my fingers to practice with comfortably….—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  12. Noom

    Bought for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

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