Mystic 16 Pieces


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11 beoordelingen voor Mystic 16 Pieces

  1. Roel

    Good for a first set. I did have to treat the picks with P1200 sandpaper for a while before use, but that’s normal for this price range. The tension wrenches are very thin and floppy though, and not suitable for all locks.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  2. Gijs

  3. Anoniem

    Fast and good—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  4. MJ

    Unfortunately, I can’t use them as often as my Southord’s. The edges are quite sharp and really need some sanding. Otherwise they get stuck in my lock—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  5. Emile

    Cheap and therefore expensive, therefore only 1 star. There is already 1 lockpick broken off in my lock luckily I was able to get it out.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  6. Jim

    Great set!!! The only thing I would change is a rubber handle for the lockpicks and the tension wrenches are a bit disappointing, but usable. The lockpicks are strong and they have not yet been broken by my clumsy strength. I polished them a bit and they got much better as a result. They are thin enough to crack any lock so far. This set has really been worth the money for me. Definitely worth the five stars.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  7. n wassenaar

    The picks are very sharp and the tension wrenches are lousy. After I worked the picks with some 200 grid sandpaper they are already a lot better. The handles I have some shrink tube done around them now they are a lot better in the hand. But the tension wrenches can be thrown in the trash immediately.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  8. Roazoro

    I do think it is fair that the product description indicates that a tensionwrench is indeed unusable. Unfortunately, that does make it the thinnest of the three which you still need for some locks.

    Other than that, this is really a beginner set. Expectations should not be high and neither should finishes. The picks are rough and unpolished so are difficult to operate. Maybe polishing it yourself would produce a nice result. Sturdy material and sound storage case.

    Therefore, rated with three stars.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  9. Omar Ab.

    How glad I am that this exists, this set seems to be very good and on top of that it is not very expensive. Previously, I never had much time to pursue my hobby in peace, as my son has recently started to pubic. In addition, he has started playing an incredible amount of “Hip Hop” “Music” on his new speaker set I gave him for his birthday, but that’s part of his age. In addition, I have a very nice old “treasure chest” that has passed through the family for generations and is now in my proud possession. Unfortunately, my other son flushed the only key down the toilet and he and his brother are now annoying us every night with their music. Fortunately, I managed to get the lock on the treasure chest working again with this set! Besides, now I have a few more evenings to unwind at home. That is, I put the speaker set in the box whose lock I was able to close again. In addition to having an incredibly fun time being back in control, I will also be spending some quality time with my son when I tell him he gets to open it himself with this set! Thanks for the peace and all the new opportunities!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  10. Remmert

    Nice lockpick set for this price. I had first made a set myself but for this price I think it is worth it. Nice sejte—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  11. Edwin

    Ordered yesterday afternoon and received today from PostNL. I don’t know much about lockpicking myself (yet) but the set looks solid.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

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