Mystic 8 Pieces


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11 beoordelingen voor Mystic 8 Pieces

  1. Paul

  2. Noz

    They are slightly coarse along the edges but they are good for a beginner cover is good but could be a little wider the tension tools I have a little tape around it so I can hold them better the first time I did not succeed to lockpick but then I had the wrong tools used they do not always work but for a beginner it is a good set and that’s what matters—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  3. Kennet

    I lost the key to our back door and wanted to see if I could save on an expensive locksmith. Bought this set and within fifteen minutes I had the lock open due to the rake of this set. The lock, according to the site, was an anti-lockpick lock, so it wasn’t! Next lock will be a 3 star SKG lock.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  4. Ikwilkaas

    Good lockpick kit. You can just practice with it. Could have used an extra tensioner in principle, but good to start with.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  5. Christian Zuiler.

    Bought for my workshop and they are doing well. I needed a new set because my previous ones were worn out. The leather pouch is also of good quality.

    Very good for low price.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  6. Donald

    Sloppy and very cheaply made, but I think they are good for this price, Personally I replaced the only two lockpicks I use in this set with those from another set and the tensioner I made myself from an allen wrench. They are very good for the price you pay for them. A lot better than the credit card sets and other toys.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  7. Roy Belen

    I like the quality of the set, but the selection of the number of rakes is a bit disappointing to me, so now I have to find a set for that.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  8. Passchier

    Not really much to say about it. Bit basic set and the quality was not fantastic but for this price it is nice.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  9. P.J

    good quality, good set!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  10. Rodney M. J. Kuijp

    The set is ok, but lacks a a good rake I think. The quality is solid, but not like the southord set. The tension set is good though. 4 stars—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  11. Kaptein

    Boring set but does contain the basic picks. Service was excellent, thanks again for that!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

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