Peterson G-8-22 – Evasion and Escape Set GS


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This new E&E lockpick set from Peterson is made for Single Pin Pickers.

The single wave G-8 acts as a rake.

Furthermore, you are able to lockpick deeper with with the G-22 hook 4.

The slightly more than 3.2 cm long rod preceding the twist allows it to open most, if not all, locks.

The shaft that rises evenly to the tip of the lockpick maximizes strength and eliminates stress concentrations that can cause picks to break. With good technique, a quick opening is often possible. This offering is similar to the SERE(tm) style. We call ours: E&E (Evasion and Escape.)

To ensure durability, these lock picks are made from the famous “Government steel”. Peterson uses a kinetic drum system to achieve an ultra clean finish and excellent lockpicking performance in the keyhole. One problem with existing lock picks of this nature is that the operational length tends to only pick locks with 5 or fewer pins. One of Peterson’s claims was to increase the range so that locks with 7 pins or perhaps more could be manipulated.

An additional problem in Europe is the clutch that characterizes many locks. If the clutch is not pushed back (which is normally done with the key), you will find that you end up picking the cylinder, but the lock does not open. In this kit you get both a standard lockpick for locks up to 5 pins, a longer type lockpick, plus a long tension wrench that allows you to depress the clutch while you pick.

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