Lishi 2-in-1 M1 (Master Lock)


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The Lishi tool is a combination of lockpicking, a tension wrench and decoding in one. With the grid on the side of the tool, placing the lockpick is tremendously easy. Once a lock is opened, the Lishi tool can be used to quickly decode the values of the key that would open the lock.

This Lishi variant fits the M1/MS2 (4 Pin) keyhole often found on padlocks from Master Lock and several other companies.

Lishi Lock Picks are real “game-changers” in the lock pick world. This tool from Lishi allows the user to open a lock without needing any experience in lockpickiong.

Insert the Lishi 2-in-1 lock pick and decoder completely into the keyhole and use the arm to insert the pins into the lock.

While you are busy placing the pins place tension with the lock pick. This tension keeps the pins in the lock above the break line.

While lockpicking, read the values of the decoder to see how to sharpen a key for the lock.

For a detailed explanation, watch the video from Lock Picking Lawyer:

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HU64 (10) V.3, HON66, HU100 (10) V.3, HU92 (10) V.3, SIP22, HU83 V.3, HU101 (10) V.3, HU162T(10), HU66 V.3


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