BPG-15 Lock Pick Gun


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8 beoordelingen voor BPG-15 Lock Pick Gun

  1. Guus

    indeed, the next day, and now practise—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  2. Arendse

    Good sturdy device, works better than I thought. I still need some practice because I couldn’t get my own door lock open with it.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  3. Martin

    This little tool works perfectly! Watched a few youtube videos and 30 clicks later I got my first padlocks and cylinder locks open around the house.

    From what I have read, this type is the model that is most sold in the Netherlands because it is a downwards version. Very convenient because it does not require batteries or a charger. I have absolutely no experience with lockpicking but still got my first locks open with this within 23 min.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  4. Brandon

    Well made, I don’t quite manage it yet but I am practicing. There are no instructions with this article so I definitely recommend doing good research on the internet or looking for a book on the subject.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  5. Jockey

    I have used several lockpick guns but this one is definitely the best. The others were of cheap quality but this one feels really sturdy and solid in the hand. I would have been better off saving the money from the cheaper lockpicks for this one because at least this one works.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  6. Goodluck

    Item was in quickly only the lockpickgun did not work well on my locks as I received it. I really still had to adjust the device and adjust the dial to open a padlock.

    But definitely fun toys!—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  7. Rhee

    Fast delivery and nicely packaged, it arrived in a bubble envelope with a warranty from the manufacturer. I got the sturdy door of my brother’s barn open within minutes which actually scared me quite a bit.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

  8. Crutzen

    Great article but did scare me for a moment. I got my own cylinder lock open within a one minute while never having done any of the lockpicking before.—Translated from Lockpickwebwinkel.nl (Dutch to English)

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