Transparent Padlock


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“C’est un cadenas très cool !

J’ai déjà vu des verrous d’entraînement de SouthOrd et d’autres marques, mais ils sont souvent différents à l’intérieur. Ils ne donnent pas l’impression d’être une vraie serrure. Ce cadenas transparent ressemble vraiment à un cadenas à l’intérieur. Il fonctionne très bien et vous pouvez également l’utiliser comme un véritable cadenas.

Voici notre cadenas d’entraînement avec sept goupilles, un étui transparent et deux clés pour voir comment fonctionne un cadenas. Le cadenas transparent comporte six goupilles de verrouillage que vous devez piquer pour le déverrouiller.

Si vous êtes vraiment un fou de mécanique et que vous avez toujours été curieux de savoir comment fonctionnent les cadenas, alors vous voudrez avoir ce cadenas. Il s’agit d’une formation parfaite au lockpick, un mécanisme idéal pour améliorer votre technique de lockpicking.

Testez vos compétences en matière de lockpick avec un retour visuel et découvrez vos nouvelles aptitudes.

Qu’est-ce qu’un cadenas de type lockpick:

– 1 Cadenas d’entraînement transparent avec lequel vous pouvez voir clairement comment toutes les pièces bougent
– 2 Clés qui déplacent les goupilles à l’intérieur et ouvrent la serrure
– Fonctionne comme un vrai cadenas
– Environ 5 cm de large
– Environ 7,6 cm de long
– Au moins 1,6 cm d’épaisseur
– Maillon en fer de 1 cm Ø

Êtes-vous quelqu’un qui ne voit aucun défi dans la base de la plupart des puzzles / énigmes ? Alors cette serrure cylindrique unilatérale pourrait être plus à votre goût. Encore trop facile ? Vérifiez ensuite un serrure d’exercice avec goupilles de sécurité, les serrures d’exercice de Sparrows ou Brockhage vous donneront un défi supplémentaire.”

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35 beoordelingen voor Transparent Padlock

  1. Mark V.

    That at first use apart cap off so that all packages lay on the ground—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  2. Guy Janssens

    One of the few online stores that charges fees when using PayPal—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  3. Anoniem

  4. Jan-Willem Steenbergen

    Nice to start with … opens just a little too easily—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  5. Anoniem

  6. Sibren

  7. Louise

    A fun party trick and fantastic ego-boosting ending. Nice loud *click* when it opens, and ooh, how it loves to open!

    Rake along it? Open! Hook along it? Open! Hair of the cat falls in? Open!

    The first time I held a lockpick, it took me about 3 minutes to pick this lock. Within a few tries that became about 10 seconds, no matter which pick I take.

    At first I was a little disappointed, “that was pretty short for €15” I thought. But I always grab this lock as a confidence boost after a failed attempt at another lock. Or as a test for a new tactic. He keeps my ego stroked, and that’s golden.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  8. Gijs

  9. Anoniem

  10. Tijmen

    The key is so shallow that the mere insertion of any pick is often enough to open the lock. Granted, these types of locks are not meant to be real practice locks, but you can’t really see the difference in effect of different picks/rakes now, because it pops open right away.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  11. Hugo

  12. Thom

    Very helpful to get the “feel”.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  13. stas v.

    The lock does have a lot of play and is therefore very easy to open.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  14. Adjel

    A very nice lock to practice with. Good quality, but a bit very easy to open—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  15. SR

    Fun learning material—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  16. P van Zoonen

  17. M G.

  18. Michael

    Easiest of the practice locks—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  19. Michiel

    Good to get success experience! But is very easy even as a beginner.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  20. Bart

    Literally open within 5 sec (with a 1st time lockpick in my hands). Still, this slot is really worth it because you can see what you’re doing.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  21. Anoniem

  22. Jonas

    Easy lock, but a lot of fun!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  23. Anne

    I can practice very well with it and friends like it too—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  24. Charles Wit

    Padlock I got open very quickly therefore only three stars—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  25. MaviauX

    Fantastically beautiful to see how everything is in place. Good to use to explain to people how a lock works. But in terms of lockpicking, it’s a bit of a letdown, the lock is very easy to open. But maybe this is only true of my copy.

    gr Maarten—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  26. H.J.W Uitdewind

    Good lock and smart to test the lock without looking too!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  27. Daniel R.

    Helps well that you can see what you are doing. My second order here and am very satisfied.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  28. Sandra

    It’s just a lock. I thought you got something with it for lockpicking. I bought it as a puzzle for my son—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  29. JeremyWil

    t lock arrived quickly and just came through the mailbox. Good lock to practice with if you are a beginner. I can recommend it to everyone.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  30. Jameo J

    Good product. Have fun. And good tips from customer service *****—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  31. Vanhoren

    Delivered quickly, as it says—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  32. Laura

    My son likes it very much—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  33. Roazoro

    I have two practice locks in my possession. This one and Brockhage’s practice slot. This lock is frankly very useless and I will explain why.

    The lock I have can be opened immediately without picking. All you have to do is stick your pick in, push up slightly and all the pins are already then neatly at the right height allowing you to turn the lock open like that. I don’t know if I have a “defective” or unlucky version, but this is not really what you call practice. If I also look at the lock without the key, the pins are barely at different heights.

    Brockhage’s lock, on the other hand, is distinctly different and so I can’t get that one open just like that.
    —Translated from (Dutch to English)

  34. Leo Dijk

    You can clearly see what the lock looks like inside.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  35. Broodbakkerpursang

    The first time I tried to open this lock with a hairpin it took about two hours. Then I tried again and it only took me 20 minutes. After this, it took me less than ten minutes each time to open. My fastest attempt will have been around 30 seconds with watching. Without looking at the pins, I can finish it in about three minutes. I still tried out my lockpick skills on a couple of locks whose keys were lost and there it all took much longer, about 20 minutes – but I succeeded, incredibly good for my confidence.
    After a while, the pins start to get a little loose and don’t click right after some fidgeting. Other than that the product is fantastic, I think the €25 is a fair price, not very expensive for a lock that is very good to start practicing with.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

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