Sparrows Building Lock Pick Training 4pcs


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1 category

Practice Locks

12 brand


Soort slot


4 Lock

Cylinder Lock

materiaal oefenslot

Welk type beveiligingspinnen?

41 material practice lock


42 security pins


13 beoordelingen voor Sparrows Building Lock Pick Training 4pcs

  1. Andy

    Great fun solid practice locks that you can replace behind the core plus in combination with the rekeying kit from Sparrows you can go all out here! Good investment????????—Translated from (Dutch to English)


    Super cute set!
    For convenience, I just went to the bike store, and asked for an old/used inner tube!
    Cut it at +/- 4cm, then you have a good grip and your hands will not smell so much of the metal.
    In short a lot of fun with this set!!!10+—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  3. René

    Excellent robust product, purchased them as a beginner to own a little more locks to start training with. Price-wise, you really can’t go wrong with this.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  4. R roosloot

    I bought these to practice nicely, and possibly when I mastered them with the expansion set to add new pins.

    However, the quality is disappointing, the cylinder has a lot of play in the housing, left and right as well as back and front. Took me a while to realize that when you press against the cylinder, you don’t have any binding, because the whole thing doesn’t align.

    This is true even if you use the (crooked) key. It does add to the challenge, but you will never see it with a real lock.

    So all in all, it’s pretty disappointing.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  5. bob v.

    very value full locks to start with brings lockpicking to the basics each lock you then manage to open gives good satisfaction and makes it many times more difficult again!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  6. Sanne

    Good to start 2and3 were easy 4 took a little longer and 5 I have not yet open very nice to practice—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  7. Herman

    Nice set, especially for
    The One. Who must first get good feeling in the fingers. Recommended for beginning pickers—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  8. Wouter

  9. R. di Giovanni

    Fine locks to practice with as a beginner. In two of the four slots there was a bit too much graphite powder, so be sure to use a tissue in the beginning to prevent black fingers.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  10. L.P. G.

    Super service! Good explanation in advance via Whatsapp! Recommended!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  11. Danny S.

    In itself a nice set for the absolute beginner, but fairly limited in its own right, given the relatively low difficulty of even the five pin slot.
    So why five stars anyway?

    Because the locks (in contrast to some older practice locks) function like real (schlage) locks and are therefore very easy to disassemble and then you can mess around with security pins, other layouts, with your own cut keys, and because Sparrows has provided the locks all with the possibility of using six pins you can make it as easy or difficult as you want.
    The expansion kits for these (and the openwork) locks have also been a very smart move by Sparrows, especially the Reload kit provides a lot of extra possibilities.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  12. Jacques Harlaar

    Top product.
    Local key store is familiar with this set so highly recommended.
    Saves a lot of money because you get 4 locks with different graduations in difficulty level.
    Be a while with this and then the possibility of switching the pins through expansion sets.
    So many possibilities for 4 locks.
    Feel heavy and of good quality.
    Top product and top service next day already in.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  13. Erlan

    Valuable tool for beginners to master lock picking. Thanks!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

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