Sparrows Reload Kit


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“Démontez la serrure, car c’est l’idée même de cette opération.
Depuis le jour où les moineaux ont conçu leurs serrures, ils ont déjà envisagé ce kit.
Avec le kit de rechargement Sparrows, vous pouvez facilement démonter les serrures Sparrows et les transformer en un nouveau défi.
Vous recevrez des épingles à bobines, des épingles dentelées et même des épingles à champignons avec ce kit ! (Voir l’image du produit pour plus de détails)
Vous y trouverez également quatre clés qui vous permettront de mettre en place quatre scénarios de lockpick différents.

Rouge – Profil de broche bas-haut-bas
Vert – Profil de la broche haute-basse-haute
Noir – Donner à la serrure un profil à 6 goupilles (chaque serrure de Sparrows a déjà 6 chambres à goupilles)
Bleu – Big Raker – Profil de broche haut-bas

Pourquoi est-ce important ?
Les profils de goupille haut-bas sont très difficiles à verrouiller et peuvent causer beaucoup de maux de tête.
Souvent, vous voulez placer la broche haute, mais la broche basse est dans le chemin.
Si vous ne voulez verrouiller qu’une seule épingle, vous en déplacez deux. L’une des broches sera alors mal placée.

Le kit de rechargement de moineaux contient:

  • 1 Suiveur de noyau de cylindre – Pour retirer le noyau de la serrure cylindrique
  • .

  • 4 Clés avec 21 goupilles de verrouillage (emballées séparément)
  • .

  • 5 Goupilles et ressorts pour l’arrière
  • 15 Goupilles et ressorts de clé
  • 10 broches de bobine
  • 10 broches dentelées
  • 10 broches de champignons
  • 2 Mini tapis d’épinglage pour tout garder organisé
  • 1 Plateau en métal pour le garder

Beaucoup d’entre vous ont déjà des pinces à épiler à la maison, mais les pinces de Sparrows sont spécialement conçues pour le kit Reload. La pince à épiler des moineaux pour le kit de recharge en ligne ici.

Quoi utiliser avec

Le kit de rechargement peut être utilisé pour tous les practice locks de Sparrows. Ces verrous d’entraînement comprennent les verrous progressifs et verrous d’entraînement des moineaux de l’école de nuit.”

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42 security pins

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20 beoordelingen voor Sparrows Reload Kit

  1. Lennert

    Handy set as an extension to the sparrows practice locks, but some of this set will also come in handy when disassembling other locks!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

    Image #1 from Lennert
  2. wesley

    Super cute set with lots of pins and feathers. Super in combination with 1 of the sparrows practice locks. Sparrows tweezers are also really recommended saves a lot!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  3. Nicola Barbato

  4. fred

    Goes stiff and at the slightest tension the first pin is stuck—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  5. René

    Super nice addition to the sparrows practice locks, nice product also with me as a surprise in the set included the ”Sparrows Chess Pins”.

    Again, 5 stars for this product ????????.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  6. Sven

    Ideal combination with the Sparrows practice locks – Revolver and the open-ended locks.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  7. Herman

    Looks and good finish, not tried it out yet.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  8. Corzus

    Really nice kit. Complete and with lots of options. Good quality and fun!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  9. Matthias P.

    More than complete, the included keys provide a real challenge.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  10. R. di Giovanni

    Very satisfied. To my surprise, in addition to what is normally in this kit, there was an extra bag of Sparrows Chess Set pins inside. No idea if that’s always the case….—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  11. Damen

    The set is packaged in a nice tin and all complete as described. There is still room in the tin for a practice lock. I also come with a bag of chess pins.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  12. Rick van Hattum

  13. Ruby DIY

    Great pinning set! In combination with practice locks will keep you busy for months and more! Overall build quality is great, only the resin plug follower could be made out of metal. Full video review you can find here:—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  14. Jelle

  15. Martijn

    Fantastic addition to the practice locks! Highly recommended with which you can vary a lot and deepen your knowledge and skill for a long time. The chess set it contained was also very welcome and fun. Good service and fast shipping.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  16. L.P. G.

    Super service! From the factory one less key in the package, perfectly solved by sending it the same day! Good explanation in advance via Whatsapp! Recommended!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  17. florian

    Fantastic set to convert the sparrows locks with. There are lots of different types of safety pins in there so you can make endless combinations!—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  18. Danny S.

    Great set as an expansion for both Sparrows’ build-up and open practice locks, and also useful if you have a Schlage lock at home and want to add some security pins.
    The difficulty of the keys builds nicely, is quite varied and, especially when combined with different security pins, provides a good challenge.
    Amount of extra pins you get in addition to the four keys is great, and the fact that they even included extra endcap pins and springs was a good move, considering these are quite often launched unexpectedly when you take the endcap off such a lock just a little too carelessly.

    Service was excellent, Sparrows had in my case accidentally added the chess pins instead of the Black (six pin) key, email to the site was answered lightning fast, I was allowed to keep the chess pins, the missing key was sent and arrived neatly with all the accompanying parts.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  19. Jacques

    1st the service lockpick web store excellent.

    2nd product yes definitely nice stuff.
    Offer another challenge when combined with the sparrow training set of 4 locks.
    You get everything you need.
    And yes it is a challenge.
    But you learn a tremendous amount….
    So a must have for each.—Translated from (Dutch to English)

  20. Luesink

    Best repin set for both beginners and advanced—Translated from (Dutch to English)

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