SouthOrd MAX Offset Half Diamond with ABS Handle


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“The SouthOrd MAX Offset Half Diamond is a lockpick that is generally used mainly for the Single Pin Picking technique but it is also possible to perform Raking technique with it. So the Offset Half Diamond is a very versatile lockpick but especially useful for locks where a pin needs to be set deep. Each lock is different and is again susceptible to different lock picks. The Offset Half Diamond, like many other lock picks has a unique shape that can be just the thing in some situations. It is therefore a valuable lockpick to include in your range and thus expand your options.

SouthOrd MAX lock picks are special lock picks designed by SouthOrd for European locks with a narrow key entrance. So as not to compromise on lockpick strength, these MAX lock picks are made of very high quality stainless steel. The material number for the type of stainless steel used is: 1.4310. This type of steel is often used for applications that require extra strength. It is much stronger than normal steel and has a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI. The material that standard lock picks are made of has a minimum tensile strength of 185,000 PSI. This is why SouthOrd provides a lifetime warranty on lock picks from the SouthOrd MAX series.

This MAX-11B-ABS lockpick is 0.58mm thick and features a lightweight ergonomic ABS handle which is very comfortable to hold. The MAX-ABS lock picks really give a professional feel and are a great example of the quality that SouthOrd stands for.”

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